Point 01

A community outreach program
in coalition with Therma.

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Our community believes that global warming is THE most pressing issue facing humanity. Despite widespread awareness of the crisis, the devastating effects of climate change persist without large-scale action. Market forces created this predicament as the global private sector rapaciously increased profits at the expense of the environment. At Point 01, we expect those same market forces to save us. The next great wealth cycle will come from groundbreaking climate technology.

Ground in the desert

Point 01 companies devise solutions that inextricably link profitability and sustainability. These innovators do not depend on public sector legislation and regulations for climate-positive results. Instead, Point 01 entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers, and other professionals create value by advancing the sustainability movement.

Field of wheat

We believe 10 in 1,000 revolutionary innovations could meaningfully slow global warming; 10,000 new enterprises could lead to 100 extraordinary breakthroughs that cool the planet. These companies are the Point 01. We convene and connect because we want to sustain human modernity. Point 01 can save us. They must save us.

Lettuce growing in a greenhouse